Bosch Series 6 90cm 5 Burner Gas Hob Stainless Steel – PCR9A5B90


The stainless-steel gas hob with FlameSelect: achieve perfect cooking results thanks to nine precisely defined power levels.

  • FlameSelect: adjust the gas flame precisely using nine defined levels.
  • Dual flame power burner with two heat options, quickly boil water or maintain a precise simmer.
  • Dual wok burner: dual flame system for very powerful cooking at up to 5 kW.
  • Continuous cast-iron pan support: for high firmness and stability of cookware.
  • Biomethane-ready: your gas hob can also be powered with renewable biomethane gas.
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FlameSelect: Getting the right flame intensity can be a challenge. That’s why FlameSelect hobs give you nine precisely defined flame levels. Adjust the heat easily and reliably so you’ll always get a steady sauté or gentle simmer, and perfect results every time.

DualWok: Bosch gas hobs are strong and gentle at the same time. High power, for instance, brings pasta water to the boil in no time at all. Low power is just as important for your favourite dishes, so we made sure that our low power was particularly gentle for simmering. So gentle in fact that it even melts chocolate with no risk of scalding, makes perfect sauces, or simply keeps your food hot.

Biomethane-ready: You can cook more sustainably with biomethane gas. It’s a renewable natural gas that’s kinder to the planet than fossil natural gas – and delivered to your home using the same grid. Now your healthy cooking can be greener too.

Dual Control Wok: Dual Control Wok enables you to precisely adjust the flame level with two different flame rings on the same burner. You have control and ignition, all in one hand. This allows you to parboil with the flame and simmer on the lowest flame. Designed to bring all your dishes to perfection.




Stainless steel


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