Bosch Series 2 Gas Range Cooker Stainless steel – HGV1F0U52S

  •  Closed Door Grilling retains heat and odors within the cooker and reduces your cooking time.
  •  XXL Cavity delivers you 147 litres of maximum space to bake and roast
  •  meals in bigger portions for your family and guests.
  • Low profile stainless steel cooking surface is easily accessible and quick to clean.

Heat and odors are retained within the cooker thanks to Closed Door Grilling, which is built to deliver splendid cooking and baking results. It allows you to achieve a consistent cooking experience with reduced cooking time. So, you can grill your favorite dishes whilst keeping your kitchen tidy and smelling fresh, just as you like it.

Full Safety feature cuts off the supply of gas to your burner and oven at the same time, if the flame is extinguished for any reason. Thanks to Full Safety feature, you can keep your home and family safe.

XXL Cavity

XXL Cavity delivers you a maximum space of 125 liters for roasting and baking in bigger portions. The very large capacity with even heat distribution means you can cook simultaneously on two levels. Additionally, wider and deeper trays allow you to bake more food at once. It gives you just the perfect opportunity to host your friends and family.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel body material

With the Rotisserie setting of your Range Cooker, you can cook up to two best rotisserie chickens at the same time. The hot air circulation helps you prepare restaurant-quality grilled chicken for the whole family. Feel the superior cooking experience of preparing a rotisserie chicken with the perfect brown and crispy look.






Stainless steel


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